Posterity from ages has always been the monuments of humans, Men are precociously concerned about what is yet to surface, and in the bid for a pulchritudinous return, many else; else that will sometimes simultaneously have a cake ending or a tip of iceberg end or even hostile ends are engaged. Certain engagements that subjugate the value of existing now for the future unknown and creates needless crave and panic for what’s yet unseen. This is literary why certain persons venture into things that cost the arm and the leg. The rich desire to accumulate more riches even for children yet unborn; some work hard for this course, some bite the bullet, and others cut the corner. The question is with all the paraphernalia of activities, does it really worth it? Where and where at the end of the day, maybe or maybe not the hard and smart working fellow with for the course of posterity becomes irked and frustrated or makes it but has never lived. Oh yeah! It is possible to have lived life and yet not lived. Or would we speak of the corner cutters, who with toxic and shenanigan of iniquitous strategies to get up there deprive others of a good life of basic fundamental needs of life all for the quest posterity; the question rhetoric in nature, therefore, arises; Can this be called living?

Albert Einstein one of the icons the sky of time once said: “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted”. Picking an insightful basis from this is to identify with the life embedded in life we live in. No one will ever say, I don’t have set goals and ambitions in life quite obviously, but then so many folks in the world of today all in the name of what shall happen thereafter has reduced the quality of many lives both the rich, elite and the poor which in reality, does not put posterity in consideration. How then, in reality, shall we live the real life that is embedded in life?

Life is a complex whole that can’t be all in all studied but with a working manual which are principles that affects the quality of our activities. This is to say directly that life can’t be perfect for anyone but we can by its principles create solace for our selves and get the best out of it before we shall all kick the bucket and wave our hands in by to life. So much that we will both live a fulfilled and happy life before our demise. The following principles are therefore important to live the true life of life:

  1. Consider Every Human As you Important: One of the factors the creates an impediment to our humanity and creates selfishness is disparity. Where we have a world where the rich because of access to legal tender and places offers foods that can’t be eaten to their house dogs to a fellow human, a world where the poor just despises the rich not because of any offense, but because of the riches. All these deplete our humanity and cause segregation, separation, tumults, and death eventually. As human consider every human and be emphatic. If all men present in the world today can be emphatic and, life would be a better place to stay. These are one of the so great importance of living. The most important entity on earth are humans, so why must humans treat a human-like an animal; even animals fend for. A great breakthrough so many countries of the world enjoyed today was DEMOCRACY and freedom from slavery and colonial masters who violate the humanity of so many, so great and appreciable was the fights of our heroes past that fought under a triangular wing and cease the historical momentum to bring the countries into a state of eldorado called democracy where all human can become sane again and it is quite conspicuous where democracy that allows for freedom of expression, a proper following of the rule of law has taken so many nations of the world today. Can you imagine a world without democracy? If not lets, therefore, do well in considering the pain, happiness, joys, and sorrows of our fellow human folk.
  2. Be Shrewd: There are certain adumbrations with humans and it is the fact that we all wish just to seat in the comfort of our homes and then want all pleasures of life come our way of which of course we know life will not permit. And if so, one of the greatest strategies we should look at ti actually live in this life is that we’ve got to be shrewd. Being shrewd is the possession of an ability to be pragmatic, make use of our hands and brain in working first to make a living and ends meet and secondly to add value to our environment. If there were no shrewd people on earth even we won’t have houses to live in, we won’t have bridges built over waters for transportation to be easy, there won’t be cars, airplanes to convey us to places and trust me the quality of life will be hard. So it took people shrewd to think about how to make aircraft that will be able to fly, go into galaxies in the sky in order to make life easy. And so to live life actually you must add value and also we have the responsibility of fending for ourselves and not become a liability to the community. Be shrewd is a quality of thinking well, thinking is an act of engaging our minds in critical creative meta-cognitive activities in order to make a sense of information, idea, and experience. Therefore we must always think of a solution to making our lives count.
  3. Expect the Unexpected: As most people have experienced that life is really not a bed of roses which therefore makes it at some point discouraging. One of the greatest ways to have peace and live life is to know that sometimes in life unforeseen circumstances surfaces which means we should always pray for the best and prepare for the worse. It is when we expect too much from life and then experience disappointment is when we become depressed and life hence becomes meaningless.

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